I am proud to endorse Phil Scott to serve you in the Virginia House of Delegates. A long-time member of his community, Phil will honorably serve the 88th District and strive to bring our shared values to Richmond. A man of faith and integrity, Phil knows what must be done to take our Commonwealth back. I hope you will join me in supporting Phil Scott in November as we secure the 88th House seat for Republicans!

Rob Wittman


By now, you should have heard that Phillip Scott won the Republican nomination to succeed me in the 88th District House of Delegates seat.  He ran a positive campaign, focused on issues important to us all, and he has my full support!  I encourage you to join me in supporting his election this fall.

Mark Cole


There’s not a better person in my mind to next represent the 88th House of Delegates district than Phillip Scott. His genuine kindness, deep passion for the word of God, consistent involvement in our community, strong conservative values, and his commitment towards his wife and daughters are all reasons why he should be the Republican nominee for the 88th district. I’ve watched Phil run for office in the past, and I was thoroughly impressed with his convictions and work ethic. To him, it’s about servant leadership and not a title that others seek. Please consider voting for my friend, Phillip Scott!

Bryce Reeves

State Senator

Delegate Mark Cole’s leadership in Richmond representing the people of the 88th House District will be sorely missed. Fortunately, we have an outstanding choice to replace him in Philip Scott. Philip shares Mark’s conservative values, which will guide his public policy. We can count on Philip to fight the left’s push for higher taxes and spending, to oppose their agenda of liberal social engineering in our schools, and to adamantly oppose their press to curtail our 2nd Amendment rights. With the radical left in control of state government in Richmond, now more than ever we need someone like Philip who will actually fight for our values and help bring back a Republican majority to Richmond. Philip is that candidate, and I strongly encourage my friends and fellow conservatives to support him in the April 24th Republican Party Canvas in the 88th District.

Ken Cuccinelli

Former Attorney General

Our liberties are under attack. The liberal majority in Richmond is bombarding us with higher taxes, more restrictions to our freedoms and dramatically increasing the size of government. We need conservative fighters who will stand up for First and Second Amendment rights and work to rein in government spending. That’s why I’m endorsing Phil Scott for the Republican nomination in House District 88. He’s a Christian, husband, father and Republican leader who will stand up for our conservative values.

Nick Freitas


I am blessed to say that Phillip Scott is my friend, as well as a fellow Christian. I have known the Scott family for 7 years, and Phil and his wife Elisabeth in a personal relationship for about four of those 7. His Christian values drive and mold him to be a man of great integrity, and someone you can trust. I recommend Phillip Scott as the delegate for the 88th district, and I know he will represent the people as well as listen to their concerns like no other delegate before him.

Bernie Jernigan


I’ve known Phil for nearly a decade, first as a skilled contractor working on my home renovation, and since as a like-minded citizen. I’ve enjoyed knowing Phil and watching his family grow, and watching him grow professionally and in his career, as he set goals for himself and succeeded in those pursuits.  Over the years, Phil has increasingly shown a commitment to providing leadership in his community, and I’m excited to see him take this next step in running for the House of Delegates.  He’s exactly right the person who can provide continuity in representing the 88th district with a strong conservative voice fighting for our shared common sense values in a General Assembly that is sorely in need of more folks like Phil.

Jeff Frederick

Former Delegate

I completely support Phillip Scott in his campaign to represent the 88th House District.  I first met Phil on the campaign trail when he was running for school board and he has not stopped working to support conservative values ever since.  With a tireless devotion to protecting the unborn and an essential belief in a limited government, I know that Phil will fight for the rights and liberties of all Virginians.  I am proud to endorse Phillip Scott and I ask you to support him as well.

Heather Mitchell

Conservative Activist

Politicians love to say one thing and do another. It’s this practice that has lost voters confidence in legislators and their popularity ratings at all time lows. We need more conservative leaders that will give you the honest facts and stick to their words. I know Phillip Scott will do just that. I have had the pleasure to getting to know Phil the past few years while mutually volunteering for the Spotsylvania County Republican Committee. I have witnessed his passion for public service, his integrity, and his belief in standing up for the little guy. I have no doubt Phil will be a model legislator and will make the constituents of the 88th District proud. Please consider voting for Phil Scott, you won’t regret it.

Graham Green

Former Spotsylvania GOP Chair

Phillip Scott has my complete and unequivocal endorsement in his race for the 88th House of Delegates District. I have full confidence in his commitment to fiscal responsibility, taking care of our veterans, and our conservative values. Phillip will work tirelessly along side myself in Richmond and is the exact candidate the 88th District needs to fill the shoes of my longtime friend and colleague Delegate Mark Cole.

Richard Stuart

State Senator

Phillip Scott is a tireless servant with true conservative values. He has consistently shown devotion to his faith, family, and conservative principles. I know that he will serve the people of the 88th with honor and integrity and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for the 88th House of Delegates.

Mike Wood

Former Fredericksburg Area Young Republican Chairman

Phil Scott is a warrior for the conservative cause. I am fully confident that, before all else, he will advance the interests of liberty. Phil will make an excellent Delegate in the General Assembly and will play a crucial role in the resurgence of conservative principles in Virginia. I fully endorse Phil’s campaign for the 88th House of Delegates District.

Morton Blackwell

Leadership Institute President

Virginia needs it’s legislators in Richmond to support law enforcement, to craft legislation to protect Virginia’s citizens, and to uphold the law. Phillip Scott is the candidate up to the task. The following local law enforcement leaders endorse Phillip Scott for Delegate:

Sheriff Roger Harris - Spotsylvania County

Sheriff David Decatur - Stafford County

Sheriff Bob Mosier - Fauquier County

Sheriff Paul Higgs - City of Fredericksburg

Commonwealth Attorney Travis Bird - Spotsylvania County

Commonwealth Attorney Scott Hook - Fauquier County

Organizations Supporting or Endorsing Phillip Scott​

-National Association for Gun Rights
-Virginia Constitutional Conservatives
-Students for Life Action Group
-Young Americans for Liberty
-Americans for Prosperity
-American Veterans Vote
-Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC
-Police Benevolent Association of Virginia
-Gun Owners of America
-Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors
-Virginia Association of Realtors
-Family Research Council PAC
-National Federation of Independent Businesses
-The LIBRE Initiative

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