Back in the Classroom Full Time
It’s time for our kids to be back in school. Countless studies have shown the negative impact virtual learning can be for many students, especially those with language and learning disabilities. The CDC and various medical organizations have proven schools to be safe. Unfortunately, powerful unions and Democrats have joined together to block a transition back to school five days a week.  
Lower Our Taxes and Bring More Business to Virginia
Liberal majorities in the House of Delegates and State Senate have led to astronomical increase in wasteful government spending and our tax burden. I will be a brick wall against proposed tax increases and will fight to get more of your hard-earned dollars back in your pockets. 
Protect Our Conservative Values
My conservative values are the foundation upon which I plan to legislate; strong First and Second Amendment rights, a tireless devotion to protecting the unborn, and an essential belief in a limited government. I’m proud to be a conservative and look forward to standing up for your liberties in the House of Delegates.