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Defining Terms: Nationalism

The second term I set out to define was nationalism. There are mixed feelings surrounding this term. I talked about the pros and cons of nationalism.

Defining Terms: Liberalism

I have started a new series of defining terms to help people better understand the various terms that are used in the political arena. The first time defined was liberalism. In the video, I touched on classical liberalism and modern liberalism.

March 1 - Floor Speech on Trisomy Awareness month

On March 1, I gave a floor speech on Trisomy Awareness month. I talked about SOFT (Support Organization for Trisomy), Trisomy 18, and a brief overview of my daughter’s story.

The Back Story of HB 40

Dr. Bridgette Williams is the inspiration of HB 40 and we are going to hear her story on how HB 40 came to be presented this year.